Face-to-Face Campaigns

Equality Marketing was established in 2005. Since then we have managed face-to-face campaigns in 4 countries for organisations including The Red Cross, The Fred Hollows Foundation, WWF, Save The Children, The Cancer Council, Plan International, The Peter MacCallum Foundation and Greenpeace. Our method is not one of mass recruitment and high turn over of staff. We use our key staff in all new campaigns to build the infrastructure and systems from the ground up with a true commitment to donor quality with professional, well trained staff.

Fundraising Consultancy

In addition representing organisations we also assist charities in improving or setting up their own in house teams. In the last 12 months we have worked with organisations including with UN Women, UNICEF and Action Aid, Consultants are selected based on experience in our client’s preferred market with various levels of support available.

Data Processing

Our service doesn’t stop at sign up. We process the pledges to ensure you receive only the highest quality data, before providing it to you in your preferred format. Data is acquired ‘electronically at signup’ using iPads and transferred securely to our administration office. This then undergoes an intensive verification process before being delivered to you securely in your preferred format.
If, during the verification process, any of the data is found to be incorrect or incomplete, we will attempt to fix it. If it cannot be fixed, the data will be provided to our clients free-of-charge, ensuring you are only charged for high quality data.
Unless you require us to handle hard copy data specifically, all data is placed on a PCI accredited secure server from the point of acquisition to the delivery. No paper form means it is faster, cheaper and more secure.
All you need to do is to click on a link on an email notification, download the data, and import it to your system. You are then ready to process your regular debits.

Call Centre

Welcome Calls: Our call centres in Australia and Asia operate from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm,7 days a week, thanking and welcoming newly recruited members on behalf of our clients.
Our call centre staff are highly skilledto maintain the best relationship with the newly acquired members through regular training sessions. This is one of the reasons we are able to provide the highest standard of service to our clients.
We verify the member’s information and intention by calling every new donor that we register. Although the success rate fluctuates, we average a contact rate of around 80-90%.
If it is found that the member cannot commit long term, then the data is provided to our clients free-of-charge.

Calls for Existing Members:
In addition to welcome calling our centres also offer follow up, upgrade and reactivation calls, along with petitions and surveys


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